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Indigenous Mental Health Promotion: Recommended Resources

Resources from the BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres

Indigenous Cultural Competency Training

The Provincial Health Services Authority offers three streams of online cultural competency training, designed to increase Aboriginal-specific knowledge, enhance self awareness and strengthen skills for any professional working directly or indirectly with Indigenous people:

Canadian Best Practices Portal – Aboriginal Ways: Tried and True

Developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Aboriginal Ways Portal compiles links to credible resources and solutions to plan programs for promoting health and preventing ill-health in Aboriginal communities. Interventions posted on this site are based on best available evidence of successful public health interventions occurring in First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities. All interventions have been assessed using a culturally-relevant, inclusive, and validated framework.

Network for Aboriginal Mental Health Research

An information centre for Aboriginal mental health research based at the Culture and Mental Health Research Unit (CMHRU) of the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal.

Mental Health Programs for Aboriginal Peoples in Canada

This programs database describes existing mental health promotion, prevention and intervention programs and models for Aboriginal peoples in Canada. The database was developed through a scan conducted for Health Canada.

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