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Consumer Development Program

Mission Statement

To empower consumers to accept responsibility, promote health, mental wellness, social interaction and job readiness.


The purpose of the Consumer Development Program is to administer consumer involvement funds for advocacy, self-help, education and consumer initiatives specifically endorsed by the local Funding Criterion Committee.

What is CDP?

CDP is a consumer run committee. This committee has access to funds for adults with a mental illness who can apply for funding for physical, health, educational and personal growth opportunities.

The Consumer Development board consists of consumers, family members and advisers from Interior Health Mental Health Team and the Canadian Mental Health Association. There are two boards:

About CDP

Application for Funding from the Consumer Funds (Microsoft Word 56 Kb)

Application for Funding from the Consumer Funds (Pdf 137 Kb)

For more information contact our CDP Coordinator  Bruce McKee at 250-493-8999 or

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