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Awareness of Mental Health at Work

This workshop is designed to help build comfort in talking about mental health and mental illness, and learn how to respond in a supportive way to co-workers who may be experiencing a mental illness.

For My Health! Workplace Screening

For My Health is a fun and interactive health promotion event that integrates physical and mental health screening and education.

Mental Health Works

Talking about mental health at work can be challenging. But becoming more aware of signs of mental illnesses, and learning how to have those difficult discussions are part of being an effective leader.

Safe and Sound

Creating a safe workplace goes beyond hard hats and ergonomics. It also means protecting the psychological health and safety of your employees.

Suicide Prevention Training

Community Gatekeeper training is designed to help make BC communities safer – and help save lives – by preparing key members of every community with skills to help people who are at risk of suicide.

Understanding Addiction

Understanding Addiction is a unique online training program for those who work directly or indirectly with people who face challenges with addiction.

Workplace Mental Health Webinars

These free webinars cover a range of workplace mental health strategies, and include valuable insights and lessons. Each one-hour webinar provides participants with practical advice, skills and tools that can be used to support positive change in their own workplaces.

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