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Blue Wave: For Youth

Many BC youth are struggling with mental health or substance use problems. That’s why Blue Wave is working to provide youth with skills and support to face challenges in their lives.

Janice Lee Blue Wave Bursary

We know the teen years are when mental health and substance use problems often show up for the first time, and that this can get in the way of school and career goals. This post-secondary bursary program is open to BC youth under the age of 20 with lived experience.

Living Life to the Full for Youth

Living Life to the Full for Youth is a fun, interactive course that will leave youth with the inspiration and tools to get the most out of life.

Talk Today

Talk Today is a mental health education program designed to help athletes and their supporters learn about mental health and to help support players who may be struggling or at risk of suicide. Talk Today is delivered through partnerships with the BC Hockey League and the Canadian Hockey League.

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